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  • Don't by Carmen Selam of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    The One Thing

    Pat Natseway

    There were many times when Nelson would sit in his chair when all the kids were gone and…

  • Star Infancy 3C219 by Gregory M. Analla of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Sister’s Giveaway

    Ruby Hansen Murray

    You could have worn the black stripe Pendleton yourself if you’d come down to Oklahoma to get named…

  • Traditional Since When by LeRoy Grafe of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Family Lessons

    Ruby Hansen Murray

    When I saw the Hails’ wagon moving up the drive, Meena’s head beside the old woman in a…

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  • Remin-icing or Reality?

    Celina Gray

    College life as a mom of twins doesn’t slow down, in fact it’s much like a tornado. Reminiscing reminds me to find humor every day.

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  • The Truth about Fiction

    Ryan Winn

    While it may be impossible for someone to truly walk in the moccasins of another, through fiction we all can escape into a perspective of someone far removed from us.

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  • Peyote Stitch

    Celina Gray

    In an ever-evolving world we have no choice but to participate in the meticulous peyote stitch, or become the bead three lines back that requires remediation.

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