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  • Highway Cannon by Tyrel Iron Eyes of Sitting Bull College


    From the Dark to the Light

    Dale Morgan

    That one look that showed you the world of Ego Its breeze suddenly springs into the season being…

  • Star Infancy 3C219 by Gregory M. Analla of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Sister’s Giveaway

    Ruby Hansen Murray

    You could have worn the black stripe Pendleton yourself if you’d come down to Oklahoma to get named…

  • Flute Player by Amanda Beardsley of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    My First Bowling Plaque

    Jacob Doney

    The sunlight blazed brightly through the thin, white curtains of the motel room, piercing the darkness. Drowsy from…

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    Unity in Diversity

    Celina Gray

    Sharing and passing down traditional knowledge enables us as tribal people to carry on our traditions, helping to guide our path into the future.

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    2017 AIHEC Student Poetry Slam Video

    TCJ Staff

    On the opening evening of the 2017 AIHEC Student Conference in Rapid City, students from an array of TCUs entertained conference goers with the spoken word at the annual poetry slam.

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  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

    Celina Gray

    Dips in the road like being fired or a spell of procrastination and lack of motivation can create mishaps. What really makes a difference is how we rise.

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