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  • Dakota Floral by Avis Charley of the Institute of American Indian Arts



    Antonio Gomez

    Thump! Thump! Thump! I tossed around like a fish out of water trying to fall back asleep. Thump!…

  • For My Grandpa by Caitlyn Whiteman of Fort Peck Community College



    Douglas Suano Bootes

      Driving to a trailhead with sunrise blazing scarlet over cool mountain umber. See the profile, the ears,…

  • Nonfiction

    The Falling of Leaves

    Darin Janis

    Even the most turbulent storms eventually come to an end. A band-aid made of rainbows will temporarily cover…

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    Bad Spirits

    Celina Gray

    Avoiding the pitfalls of addiction can be a challenge for Native students, but the tribal community can serve as a safety net.

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  • maximiliano
    Graduate School + Twins = The Ultimate Challenge

    Celina Gray

    While having twins while in college is a challenge, I have found that no matter where my educational goals take me I can bring my family along on the journey.

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  • Dodgeball

    Clinton Desiderio

    By Clinton Desiderio of Navajo Technical University

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