Content Development with a Twist

The best writing doesn’t simply navigate readers, but rather instills a sense of urgency that compels them forward.

Capturing an Audience’s Attention

Good writing can be difficult. Discover a handful of useful strategies to improve your writing and engage your audience.

Some Prewriting Required

Sometimes good writing appears effortless. The words flow easily, the ideas connect seamlessly, and from start to finish the work captures the heart of the subject matter. Some students brag about the phenomenon of the essay that seems to have written itself. Some credit the wisdom of their procrastination as the reason for their success, boasting, “I write better under…

How to Write a Better Essay

Every semester my new students and I have a version of the same conversation. It usually begins with someone asking if I’m intending to grade papers “like it’s a theater class or like it’s an English class?” What they want to know is whether I’ll be grading papers solely on content or if they need to worry about their grammar….

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